We provide compliance services for your international inheritance/estate.

We have the perfect solution to every problem for each customer.

If you're struggling with dealing with international inheritance/estate and their issues, we have the best solutions for you. We provide professional services related to international inheritance between Japan and the other countries.

Here at Financial Planning Office(FP) CS Planning, we put our global network to use in delivering a wide range of consulting services on inheritance and other procedures overseas.

Our services are expanding internationally, and our aim is to be the best specialized and global inheritance office in Japan as the provider of the solutions to your inheritance problems by offering “One Stop Financial Service”

■Guidance for our specialized provided services ■

Overseas inheritance procedures support

International probate or procedures are different from Japanese inheritance process come into play when a deceased person has assets abroad —nationalities, property, bank accounts or other tangible/intangible assets. We support the termination or canceling of heritage inheritance in foreign countries with you.

Overseas/Domestic property terminate/cancel support

A deceased person has assets abroad. In this case, his or her heirs might struggle with the procedures. It is important for you to strategize a plan during your lifetime. We support your terminal/cancel overseas as part of measures for inheritance before dying.

■ Our Services ■

Total support for inheritance procedures overseas (The United States, Canada, New Zealanda, etc.)

・Consulting about overseas inheritance procedure

・Drafting and Making agreement

・Translating ,(Personal Records, Legal Purposes, death certificates, Inheritance/Estate Settlement etc.) Publishing a certificate of translation, consular notarial and authentication

・Creating letters for communication

※We will work with administrative scrivener offices, lawyers/ tax accountants / judicial scrivener offices if it is necessary in your case.

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■ Examples of users for our services ■

・A family of business owners who had assets overseas

・Spouses and children who were stationed overseas or worked in a foreign company.

・A person who has relatives died in overseas.

・A person who has foreigner heirs.

・A person who live overseas and do not have help for procedure for inheritance in Japan

・Lawyer office / tax accountant office, etc.

■ Greeting from representative ■

Dear Customer with left assets overseas,

expatriates and researchers who returned to Japan for your future situation though you have assets like bank deposits overseas,or having trouble with processing with inheritance because the heirs are in foreign countries.

We have been corresponding to many kinds of international inheritance cases.

Fortunately, our global network has been expanding, and we get and respond to a variety of customers’ troubles.

It would be better if you talk to us if you are struggling with the documents. We can help your troubles not to worry about international inheritance.

Also, we sometimes get the consults from customers who got notice that shows they are heirs for inheritance in foreign countries and afraid of treating the procedure because they are developing a feeling of distrust and anxiety.

However, if you leave the inheritance for too long, the inheritance is possibly going to be closed. Furthermore, it will be more complicated if the heirs of inheritance died even if they had the right for the inheritance. In that case, you will take to get it done from half a year to a few years.

Please talk to our office if you have one of those cases. You need the professional support in Japan as well as the local support for inheritance across countries.We will make the best effort to make the procedure easier and solve each of your problems of terminal/canceling inheritance to use the inheritance for your important family, friends and society effectively.

Chieko Sasayama

Representative of CS Planning

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